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OlePropertyCreator Plug-in 2.9

At the moment only German version available!

FileMaker Pro 11
All gbPro plug-ins are compatible with FileMaker Pro 11.

No longer available:

FileSystem Plug-in 1.6

RegistryManipulator Plug-in 1.6

WordConnector Plug-in 1.6

FileSystem Plug-in 1.6
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The plugin enables you to access the Windows file system with all its information and manipulation possibilities through interactive dialogs, and to represent it in FileMaker.

In addition, the plugin provides you with a comprehensive range of system settings like country settings, drive and operating system information; it enables you to manipulate the Windows registry database.

Other functions return the contents, statistics and revisions from Microsoft Word files and deliver data from FileMaker Pro to bookmarks in Microsoft Word documents.

On top of that you can create your own Word mail merge letters, address labels, envelopes or catalogs, as well as execute Word macros.

RegistryManipulator Plug-in 1.6

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The RegistryManipulator Plug-in enables you to manipulate and read contents of the Windows Registry database into FileMaker Pro and provides you with a comprehensive range of Regional Settings from the Windows Control Panel.

Read and create simple strings, zero-terminated strings (Multi-SZ), expandable strings, numbers and binary data from the Registry.

This enables you to get access to various system settings, for example to retrieve the name of the current user, printer, installed fonts...

The Plug-in functions enable data exchange with other applications and registration of your application in the Registry, as well as storing fixed or temporary values of your application.

You also can rename the files of your FileMaker application with another file extension and register it in the registry database, so that the files in future are opened always with FileMaker.

With the RegistryManipulator Plug-in you can retrieve locale settings, and/or the region and language options defined in the Control Panel.

There are numerous situations where it is highly useful to know one or another setting. A very obvious example is a multilingual application. Here it is first of all inevitable to retrieve the current language during program start, as well as to adapt the displayed date and time formats in your FileMaker files to the settings in the Control Panel.

WordConnector Plug-in 1.6

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Data exchange with Microsoft Word files

The WordConnector plugin enables you to read contents, statistics and revisions from Microsoft Word files, and to deliver data to bookmarks in Microsoft Word documents. As well you can create mail merge letters... and execute Word macros:

  • Create and open new Word files within FileMaker and deliver FileMaker data to bookmarks in Word documents.
    The Plug-in offers the option of working with either Word files (.doc) or with Word templates (.dot). You can save the files under a new name and manage them from within FileMaker.
  • Create mail merge letters, address labels, envelopes or catalogs with data from FileMaker in MS Word.
  • Execute Word macros (VBA procedures) in Word documents.
  • Read the real contents of a Word file into FileMaker fields.
  • Retrieve the statistic information about a Word file: number of characters in main story, empty characters in main story, control characters in main story, numerals in main story, characters in footnotes, characters in footers, characters in headers, characters in comments, characters in text frames, words in main story, words in numbers in main story, words in footnotes, words in footers, words in headers, words in comments, words in text frames.
  • From revisions in Word files you can obtain: author, date, time, text inserted/deleted, number of characters, number of words, text of the revision.
  • Execute, create, print, copy, move, delete and rename files and folders.
  • Read and write file contents and convert text formatted in the internal FileMaker format to text formatted in the format of the current operating system and reverse.
  • Select files, folders, computers and printers in a dialog window
  • ...

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