With the WordConnector Plug-in now finally I am able to generate complex FileMaker forms as MS-Word documents!
After all, this is a standard
feature in many Windows
database applications,
allowing my users to design
their own layouts freely and
A unique feature and a
valuable selling point!
The same is true for the
MS-Word text analysis
functions, they are just what
my text-working clients need.
The multitude of other
functions rounds off this
Plug-in, making it an
indispensable element
in my FileMaker solution.

Joachim Voigt
Translation & Software


WordConnector Plug-in 1.6
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Trial version
Create letters

Create invoices
Create mail merge letters

Trial version

Here you can download a trial version of our WordConnector Plug-in with example files and manuals in German

  gbpro_wc_162.zip (6.990 KB)

At the moment only available in German language!

There is no trial of the WordConnector in English available. But you can download a trial in English of our FileSystem plugin which contains all functions of the WordConnector.
The only difference is the plugins function call prefix: "gbpFS-" for FileSystem, "gbpWC-" for WordConnector.

Here you can download a PDF manual for our WordConnector in English language
  WC-Manual_EN.zip (351 KB)

The trial version offers the full range of the plug-in's Profi edition functions for 30 days. If you wish you can distribute this trial among other interested FileMaker developers.
The trial version is programmed to cease functioning 30 days following your installation. Any attempt to disable this limitation or modify the software is illegal and prohibited by law.

If you intend to buy a license for the Plug you can use your registration code to license the trial version and keep using it without any restrictions.

System requirements Windows:
Windows NT/2000/XP. We recommend using the most up-to-date service pack always.

FileMaker requirements: (FileMaker Pro 8 compatible!)
FileMaker Pro, Developer oder Runtime versions 5.x, 5.5.x, 6.x or 7.x or higher. Unicode in FM 7 is not supported. FileMaker Server does not directly support plug-ins, but files made available by the Server may use the plug-in if it has been installed with a FileMaker client. We recommend using the latest update always.

Installation instructions

After downloading and unzipping the plug-in folder it will be best if you first of all read the ReadMe file. This file also explains the plug-in installation.

Close FileMaker Pro.
Copy the required plug-in files from the folder PLUG-IN to these folders:

gbpwc.fmx WordConnector Plug-in, put it into your FileMaker system-(extensions-) folder
gbpwc.dll additional DLL, put it into Windows System directory - ...\System32

Important: DLL gbpwc.dll within the folder named "PLUG-IN" is absolutely necessary for the plug-in to function and must be copied to the Windows System directory (e.g. C:\WINDOWS\System32). It is registered by the plugin itself during launch time.

Now restart FileMaker Pro with the file WordConnector_Start.fp5 and make sure the plugin is activated.
(This file opens the plug-in example files, FRT, manual...)

Contents of the Plug-in folder

WordConnector_Start.fp5 This file opens all project files
Folder ReadMe (Plug-in information and licence agreements)
DLicence.txt Developer licence
SLicence.txt Standard licence
Readme.rtf Information about the plug-in as RTF file
Readme.pdf Information about the plug-in as PDF file
AboutWC.rtf Short description of the plug-in as RTF file
AboutWC.pdf Short description of the plug-in as PDF file
Folder EXAMPLES (FileMaker example files)
All WordConnector Examples.fp5 Example file with all plug-in examples (full access)
MailMerge.fp5 MS-Word mail merge example file
WordConnector Functions.fp5
Folder EXAMPLES\SampleFiles (Microsoft-Word example files)
GetWordRevisionsAndStatistics.doc MS-Word example file for retrieving revisions and statistics
Sample letter.doc
Sample letter.dot
MS-Word example file for creation of new Word files and deliver data from FileMaker Pro to bookmarks in Microsoft Word documents
Serial letter.doc
Serial labels.doc
MS-Word example file for creation of mail merge letters and address labels
Folder FRT (Function Reference Tool)
Word Connector FRT.fp5 Reference tool for the plug-in functions
Word Connector FRT_ErrorCodes.fp5
Word Connector FRT_Param.fp5
Word Connector FRT_ParamOpt.fp5
Word Connector FRT_Results.fp5 Results of the plug-in functions (full access)
Folder Manuals
Manual.pdf Manual in PDF format
UMS Manuals.fp5 Manual as a FileMaker file
UMS TOC.fp5 Contents of the manual as a FileMaker file
UMS Trans.fp5
Folder PLUG-IN (Plug-in and DLL)
gbpwc.fmx WordConnector Plug-in (into FileMaker-System folder)
gbpwc.dll additional DLL (into Windows-System folder)

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